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“Thank you so much! It was so fantastic! My four year old had a great time! All the kids had a great time! The turnout was beyond my expectations. You guys really know how to entertain the little kid crowd. For an hour the kids were totally engaged! That is just totally pro, varsity level children’s entertainment! I really appreciate it! I also appreciate how great you guys were to work with. Flexible, great with communication, and just generally nice to work with. We definitely want you to perform here again!"
~Samantha, Children’s Librarian, Tualatin Public Library 


"Micah and Me are outstanding performers, who bring fun, high-energy, and great music to every show. They are hugely popular with our visitors at Portland Children's Museum and are extremely professional to work with. When Micah and Me come to the Museum for a performance, our theater is full of children of all ages and their caregivers dancing and engaging together." - Portland Children's Museum


"You know a kiddie band is awesome when the parents enjoy it as much as the kids do. Talent, charisma, and connection; these guys are the real deal. ~ Pied Piper Play Cafe


  Micah and Me played at my son's 4th birthday party - they were a hit! The kids and parents alike enjoyed the singing and dancing. So many parents came up to me to tell me what an awesome party it was - all thanks to Micah and Me! These guys have so much energy and know how to get the kiddos involved and loving music. They were super prompt in response to booking requests and I'd recommend them to anyone! Thank you, Micah and Me for making my son's birthday one he will never forget! ~Judi



They are awesome! We had so much fun at my daughters birthday party. They came on time and played music for 45 minutes, did silly jokes and danced. I recommend them 100%. We love them ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ~Sara Stern


Micah & Me performed at my kiddo's 3rd birthday party (complete with professional grade bubble machine!) and were so fantastic! They are such talented and genuinely nice guys - they were the perfect choice for our backyard gathering.  I think the parents enjoyed them just as much as the kids did! ~ Avery Waxman


Micah and Me just performed for my daughters Preschool Christmas party. I was interested in booking Aaron and Ryan after seeing them entertain my kids at Cafe au Play. They get them (and me) up dancing and singing along which insures a nice nap after we head home. ~ Kid Friendly PDX Blog


The Micah and Me was a hit at my twins' third birthdays. The songs were so fun for all ages that were in attendance. Most kids were 3-6 yrs old but even the adults joined in on the singing and dancing! Aaron's energy was so fun and overall the guys completely made our party a blast. I can't recommend them enough.~Parent


The Micah and Me Show played for the 67th Annual Children's Holiday Party at Oregon State University. The kids had a blast dancing and singing throughout the show. This was such a great interactive performance for kids to get up and be a part of the show. The Micah and Me show are great to work with! You both rock :)~ OSU Event Organizer

"Micah and Me just played for our Preschool Holiday party and it was a blast. Their interactive songs kept the kids engaged and parents got involved too. It was so fun and we plan on having them again if they want to play for 60 wild percussionist kids again;)~Lindsey B.

"Thank you guys!  You did a great job entertaining our preschools. It was really fun seeing how you got them involved in the show." ~Parent

"Loved watching you today with all the kids! You two do meaningful work.. Thanks!" ~Kensey, nanny

"It is like a free-form dance party for toddlers!" ~Parent

"It is like they invited us into their living room--it's wonderful!" ~Parent

"Micah and Me is my granddaughter's favorite part of Mondays!" ~Parent

"So much fun!!! A show we always look forward to! Thanks!" ~ Bobbi Jo

"More Blast Off! Blast Off, again!" ~ Tessa, one of our awesome toddlers

"Enjoyed your music today at Café Au Play! Very fun way for kids to get involved with music!" ~ Lyn

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