Aaron Canwell started the band when he became a stay-at-home dad to his six month old son, Micah. Aaron was wandering around Portland looking for activities to do with his son. He stumbled into a Kindie performance. This performance engaged children young and old to sing and dance. Aaron attended performances during that first year and got hooked. He got the idea to take his love of music and movement to share with children. Shortly after he realized that having a band partner would be very helpful. Aaron posted in the Portland Dads At Home Facebook group asking if any other dads wanted to join him on this new adventure. Aaron plays the ukulele, sings and is the band's hype man! 


Ryan Chouinard partnered with Aaron bringing the idea of Micah and Me to fruition. In addition to writing several of Micah and Me originals, Ryan plays the guitar, bass drum and sings in the band. Ryan has also been playing piano since he was 4 years old! His 16 year business background in the entertainment industry has helped lead the band's success. Ryan cares for Halle age 16, Ramsey age six, Paisley age four and Kindie age two.